PostHog for startups
PostHog for startups
PostHog for startups

PostHog for startups

$50k in credits (plus extras you'll actually use) to help you get to product-market fit

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Here's what you get when you join

Teams must be less than 2 years old and have less than $5m in funding to qualify

  • Startup credit
    $50,000 in credit

    That's equivalent to 30m events, 4bn API calls or 50k session replays! Credit lasts a whole year.

  • Startup spotlight
    Startup spotlights

    Each month we pick a startup to spotlight, featuring the lucky team on our site and socials.

  • Startup merch
    Free founder merch

    You can never have too many laptop stickers or custom backpacks, right? Also, an origami hedgehog!

  • Startup merch
    Referral perks

    Refer your accelerator to double your credits, or split an extra $10,000 when you refer a friend.

"Building is never just one-and-done. You always need to find ways to improve. PostHog is central to how we do that at Y Combinator. It helps us try ideas, measure results and make better products.”
Cat Li
Cat LiProduct & Engineering Lead, Y Combinator

Recommended by the world's leading startup accelerators

(And their startups like us too).

  • YC logo
    Y Combinator

    The world's leading startup accelerator uses PostHog. A/B tests improved engagement by +40%, while gathering +30% more data than other tools. Read more.

  • Better Capital
    Better Capital

    India's leading early-stage VC recommends PostHog for it's portfolio of 200+ startups, including teams like Slice, Open, and Teachmint.

  • Boldstart
    Boldstart VC

    The leading day one partner for developer first, SaaS, & crypto infrastructure founders, Boldstart recommends PostHog to teams it backs - including OpenSauced! Read more.

How does PostHog for Startups compare?

Well, it's the only startup program with free laptop stickers...

Eligibility criteriaFree plan onlyFree plan only<$5m in funding and <20 staff members<$8m in funding and less than 5 years old<$5m in funding and less than 2 years old
Limitations500 monthly users1,000 monthly sessionsOne year durationOne year durationOne year duration
BenefitsNoneNone200,000 MTUs$50,000 credit$50,000 credit
Open source product
Free gifts (incl. stickers)
Partnership opportunities
Referral bonuses
How do I apply?

Just sign up to a paid plan in PostHog (you're only charged for usage) and then fill in this form. We will review and apply the credit if you're eligible. If you're accepted into the program, we will notify you by email.

Who's eligible?

Your company needs to be less than 2 years old and have raised less than $5m funding. You need to have signed up any time from Jan 1st 2023 onwards.

How can I refer another startup?

Users accepted into Posthog for Startups can refer other customers to unlock $5,000 of extra credit for both parties. This referral program is currently only open to users who have been accepted into PostHog for Startups.

To refer someone, simply tell them to apply as normal and to specify your company name in the application form. We'll review and issue an additional $5,000 of PostHog credit to both you, and them.

There are currently no limits on how many startups can be referred into the program successfully.

How can I refer an investor or accelerator?

Users accepted into Posthog for Startups can refer their investors or accelerators in order to unlock extra credit worth up to an additional $50,000.

To refer an investor or accelerator, please introduce them by email to We will then discuss partnership opportunities and, if we proceed, will issue an additional $50,000 of PostHog credit to your account.

I signed up before this deal launched, can I still get it?

Yes, but only if you signed up after Jan 1st 2023. If your startup meets the eligibility criteria but you signed up to PostHog before Jan 1st, we won't apply the credits but are still happy to enroll you in the rest of the program.

Can I get this deal if I'm part of YC?

We have a separate deal for YC folks - check out Bookface. No, they don't stack!

What if I go over the $50k limit?

At that point you can move onto another PostHog plan.

What happens at the end of the 12 months?

At that point you can move onto another PostHog plan. You'll continue to be considered part of the program in terms of invites to office hour events, and other perks.

How come you don't offer credits for AWS, Segment etc. like Mixpanel does?

Because all of those are available if you just go to the company directly anyway. We've focused this program on benefits which are only available from PostHog, and are not merely curated from other freely available sources.

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