We offer dedicated and community support, but you may want to team up with an external partner to get help on an on-going or project-basis. That's where our partners can help.

  • Implementation support
    Implementation support

    Struggling to get started? Partners can help you get the most out of your data by creating bespoke queries, dashboards, and more.

  • App creation
    Apps and integrations

    Need to build a connection to another tool? We have plenty of ready-made integrations, but partners can help make more.

  • Self-hosted deployments
    Self-hosted deployments

    Need to self-host? We no longer support Kubernetes deployments, but a partner may be able to help fill the gap instead.

Our partners

Taleno Digital

Taleno Digital

Joey Taleno can help you deploy PostHog projects, create visualizations, and setup suitable data architectures.

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Mentat Analytics

Mentat Analytics

Specializing in helping tech startups, Mentat can help you build your data stack, implement PostHog, and scale your data.

Marketing Engineers

Marketing Engineers

An international team of engineers that can help you with deployment and configuring PostHog for marketing purpose.

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WintactiX specializes in Rev Ops and software implementation. Available to consult on best practices and to integrate Posthog with your other sales and marketing SaaS without draining your in-house development resources.

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How do I add myself as a partner?

If you'd like to become a partner, simply get in touch and let us know how you intend to work with us. We'll get back to you.

Are partners accredited?

No. We don't currently offer any sort of certification or accreditation for partners. We've worked with all of the partners above and believe that they're capable to providing assistance, but we offer no guarantees.

Do I have to be on a Paid or Enterprise plan to work with a partner?

No, we enforce no such restrictions. You can work with partners using self-hosted, free, or hobby deployments.

Can you help me with my self-hosted instance?

Unfortunately not. We sunset and no longer provide any support for self-hosted deployments.

Do you have special deals for startups?

Yes! Apply to our PostHog for startups program to unlock a wealth of benefits for eligible teams, including over $50,000 in PostHog credit!