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We use the following GitHub Board to track features built for Scale or Enterprise customers.

Enterprise features are intended for paying large scale customers (i.e. scale-ups & large enterprises), and generally include features around advanced collaboration and compliance. Enterprise features are used both on Cloud and Self-hosted and could be included in both Scale and/or Enterprise licenses.

PostHog is becoming increasingly used by large corporations who, in general, have different product requirements from hobbyists and startups - particularly around compliance and collaboration. Our milestones for the foreseeable future target improvements around the product rather than these supporting activities. However, we want to make sure these customers can use PostHog unemcumbered, as they're becoming increasingly critical for us. These requirements can usually be seen as important but not urgent (until they are). To make sure we keep delivering on these requirements, we've developed the framework below.

Each sprint, we ask the following questions around each requirement. If the answer is "yes" to any of them, we prioritize those for the sprint. If all are "no", we keep them in the backlog.

  1. Is this a complete blocker from using the core product across the organization for 1 or more focus customers? 🔨Build.
  2. Will solving this problem enable widespread adoption for more than 1 focus customer? 🔨Build.
  3. Will solving this problem enable considerable deeper use of core use cases (e.g. nailing funnels) across multiple teams? 🔨Build.

Issue product-internal#142 contains full context on why we opted for this framework and additional background information.


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