How to embed a shared Dashboard within a web page

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Dashboards let you bring together a number of charts and Insights into a single view. Dashboards are available to anyone with access to the Project that they are part of. However, you may want to share a Dashboard with other people who do not have a PostHog login. In these situations you can share a link to the Dashboard or you could decide to embed the Dashboard within a publicly accessible web page.

In this short tutorial we'll cover how to be embed a dashboard within a web page.

Embed with an iframe

A shared Dashboard contains:

  • The PostHog logo
  • The Dashboard title
  • The Dashboard description
  • The Project name
  • When the Insights within the Dashboard were last updated
  • The Insight charts

Dashboard with explanation labels

To embed a shared Dashboard using an <iframe /> set the src attribute to the URL of the public Dashboard.

For example, the following code:

style="max-width: 800px; height: 700px;"

Produces the following embedded dashboard: