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Often on the move, sometimes by choice, and sometimes by chance, I'm a Brazilian-Finn who has lived in 6 countries across 4 continents. I currently live in Brazil.

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Passionate about teaching (but far from an academic), I taught an official high school course before graduating high school, became a Visiting Scholar before joining university, and presented my first paper at the European Central Bank during my freshman year (anonymous submission - they thought I had a PhD).

Prior to PostHog, I was a technical consultant for clients which included a Fortune 500 company. A fan of building useful things, I'm a self-taught developer who has worked on an a wide variety of projects - from a travel app to multiple websites and browser extensions, and even some white-hat hacking. For the past three years, I developed a nice habit of writing about my projects, which led me to a Medium page that once surpassed 250k views in just 30 days. These days I mostly write less structured content at yakkomajuri.github.io.

When I'm not working, I have been found hitchhiking in foreign lands, taking pictures of political demonstrations, and trying to learn Korean after one too many beers. I'll pick playing cards with my grandmother over the club on any Friday night, and my favorite place to spend the Saturday is on top of a mountain.

Oh, and I'm also part of the select group of software developers who have won a dunk contest in their lifetime. If that means anything.

Areas of responsibility


  • Query performance
  • Data integrity (on the read path)
  • ClickHouse


  • Async migrations (our long-running data migrations system)
  • New features for core PostHog insights
  • Query engine

Things I used to own

I used to have a lot of responsibility over the following as well, but no longer work with them. I might be able to provide context, but shouldn't be the primary person you talk to about it:

  • Ingestion pipeline
  • Data integrity (on the write path)
  • Data exports and imports
  • Plugin server / App server


  • I can sometimes have an angry-looking resting face on calls - don't let this fool you, I'm actually warm and cuddly.
  • I get involved whenever I feel like I have something to add (including jokes). You might see me sharing my thoughts on a lot of threads but my opinions are far from definite - I'm comfortable expressing quick unformulated thoughts publicly as a method of brainstorming.
  • I will sometimes hijack a PR or task from someone if I feel blocked or bored. This doesn't mean I think you're doing a poor job - it just means I had some time to spare and decided to push things forward more quickly.
  • I really embrace shipping things fast. I'm mostly aware of the tradeoff I'm making, but sometimes can be a bit too fast with things. You're encouraged to slow me down if you feel uneasy about the speed I'm moving at with a certain task.
  • I sometimes move around a lot. This means I might change timezones and need to switch up the times of regular meetings and the like, apologies in advance.
  • I have difficulties delegating work and will sometimes end up piling up work on my backlog. If you notice this, please call me out on it.

What I value

  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Proactivity
  • Sharing context
  • Passion
  • Empathy
  • Respect

How I can help you

  • I can help you onboard into PostHog. I'm probably one of the people with the most end-to-end context about the company, given how long I've been here and the breadth of roles I've covered. I'm more than happy to share everything I know.
  • I can help you write queries
  • I can help you in speeding up queries
  • I can help you write migrations (particularly async migrations!)
  • I can help you use/understand ClickHouse better

How you can help me

  • Give me feedback openly
  • Push back if you disagree with my opinions
  • Message me directly if I've let something slip through the cracks (e.g. a PR review)
  • Teach me new things
  • Write down context


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