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Objective: Eliminate the biggest reasons product engineers would choose a competitor over PostHog Session Recording

KR: Release iOS Mobile Recordings to 5 happy beta testers

Why? This is the most requested feature for recordings according to customer success. There is a whole market (Mobile B2C) we currently can’t address because we don’t support this functionality. We’ll start with just iOS, then use this to extend to React Native. Learnings from this should make following up with Android straightforward.

KR: Release the ‘Network Tab’ to 10 happy customers

Why? This will allow our target users, product engineers, to debug problematic sessions more quickly and therefore get more value out of the product

Objective: Recordings work and are available

KR: Rollout RRWeb2 and improve our ability to debug / improve recording issues

Why? We are heavy users of RRweb but we aren't super active in the improvement / maintenance of it. If we can test, debug and improve this part of the product we can react to incoming customers with the kind of iterative response they expect

KR: Increase data retention for paying users to > 3 months

Why? One of our USPs is that you can dive deeper on your Insight by looking at recordings related to a funnel, insight etc. Currently we are limited by our storage method but we have a plan to use cheaper, long term storage so we should execute on it.

Output metrics

  • Revenue from Recordings product
  • Number of recordings viewed per customer - (people are finding useful insights)
  • Percentage of users per organisation viewing recordings - (teams are more successful due to recordings)

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Feature ownership

You can find out more about the features we own here

What we're building

  • iOS session recording

    There are many recording tools out there for web and different tools for mobile -- but few for both. So, we are considering a mobile recording solution for iOS devices.

  • Network / Performance recording

    Track network calls and performance alongside session recordings. Beta available - DM Alex Kim in!



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