Partner submission guidelines

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Getting listed

Please submit a Pull Request to You'll need to:

  • Take our listing template, and create a copy in
  • Add an email address you'd like to receive any leads
  • PostHog's team will then review your pull request. We will:
    • Add a contact form
    • Add you to our menu structure
    • Clarify if we've any questions

Why do this

PostHog is used by tens of thousands of users at thousands of companies, interested in improving their products.

They range from hobbyists and startups, to large enterprises.

We frequently have users asking for support in managing their instance, for customization or for features we don't provide.

Being listed in the PostHog partner directory is a way of you having these users discover your PostHog-based product or service on the internet.

This section of our website is new - our current goal is to promote it more broadly once the first few listings are successful.


Our main aim is that it's clear if your product/service is built on PostHog, but that your users are clear that it's not provided by PostHog!

Do these things:

Please don't do these things:

  • Use or modify the PostHog logo for your application icon
  • Use the PostHog name in your domain or product name
  • Imply that PostHog built / endorses your product or service

Unsure? We're friendly - drop us a line.

Getting more referrals

PostHog partner directory is new - we manually curate the listings.

If our team hear good user feedback about your product or service, we are more likely to recommend you informally to users or to promote your listing in the partner directory more prominently.

Commercial terms

  • There is no cost to be listed.
  • PostHog aims for you to sell directly to other PostHog community members. (We don't take or provide commission for simplicity's sake and to make things simpler to get started.)

Reseller licenses

We can provide things like reseller licenses to you with no upfront cost.

Email our partner team if this is the case.

Bad actors

We reserve the right to remove listings if they are causing issues such as:

Excluded listing types

Overall we are very open, so just create a listing or email us if you've any questions. We are happy to receive listings for:

  • Products built on top of our infrastructure
  • Professional service providers (implementation / day to day management of the instance / analytics consultancy / integration)
  • Paid app builders
  • Anything else that will help spread the project, or enhance users' experience on it.

There is one listing type we don't want to support - we do not want to add more listings that provide a hosted version of our open source product. This leads to us sending you users, supporting them for free, with less control and often on an outdated version - all of which creates a poor experience than if they just use our cloud product.

The exception to this is if you are a large business that can help us distribute PostHog more widely than we could reach ayway, so this contributes positively towards helping increase the number of successful products in the world.