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Restack enables you to run PostHog on your own Kubernetes Cluster on AWS. At Restack, we believe in open-source but also know the pain of hosting and maintaining them on your own servers.

That's why we provide you the experience of using a SaaS tool but with all the benefits of an open source tool.

Services offered


High Availability Deployment on AWS EKS

  • Easily, create an AWS cluster & deploy PostHog on your own cloud
  • Establish production-grade setup including Replicas, Autoscaling & Elastic Block Storage for Clickhouse

High Compliance in US & EU

  • Determine the region of your own AWS EKS cluster to comply with GDPR or CCPA
  • Restack Console ensures HIPAA, FISMA & SOC2 compliant deployment


  • Avoid downtime and missing tracking events
  • Update your PostHog Deployment seamlessly via Restack
  • Updates will be available from Q3 2022


Restack charges based on your cloud usage. The minimum cluster size to run PostHog is 2x m5.large. Approximate minimum monthly AWS costs: $200


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