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Altinity helps enterprises deliver real-time analytics based on ClickHouse anywhere and for any business purpose. Altinity covers everything needed from project inception to production operation.

  1. Altinity.Cloud platform offering fully supported and managed ClickHouse clusters in AWS and GCP
  2. 24/7 enterprise support for ClickHouse in any environment
  3. Training for analytic developers and administrators
  4. Altinity Stable builds for ClickHouse

Altinity customers range from startups to Fortune 10 enterprises.

Services offered


  • Enterprise support for users who prefer to operate ClickHouse in self-managed environments
  • Altinity.Cloud ClickHouse backends for PostHog users who prefer to use ClickHouse as a hands-off service. Find out more about using Altinity.Cloud to manage your self-hosted instance in our deployment configuration docs..


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