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Tagticians are specialists in the implementation, configuration, and maintenance of data stack solutions and customer data platforms.

  1. Tracking plan design support to get you the data you need to make business decisions.
  2. Developer support during implementation phase of PostHog on all platforms and frameworks.
  3. Configuration support in PostHog to ensure your data is of the highest quality.
  4. Continuous support for extending PostHog implementations to help you leverage new requirements.

Tagticians customers range from small-medium to enterprise sized businessess in verticals such as FinTech, Fashion, Retail, and Banking. Our specialists are located in the Netherlands, but remote-work globally.

Services offered


  • Full support for PostHog, from Proof of Concepts to fully managed PostHog projects.
  • Skilled in many SaaS solutions ranging from:
    • advertising platforms
    • customer data platforms
    • customer engagement platforms
    • digital analytics


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