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As there is a lot of autonomy at PostHog, it's useful to have a common framework for how to make prioritization decisions.

Our mission

Our mission is to increase the number of successful products in the world.

To achieve this, we will need revenue to be able to re-invest into making a better product.

Our vision (for 2023)

Everyone building a product has a clear path to making it successful without losing control of their data

Our current focus / milestone

We're currently focused on "Collaboration".

How do we shift focus between priorities?

We want to move fast and make sure we’re always focused on building what pushes us towards our vision. However, we also recognize that rapidly changing course or excessively pivoting can lead to incomplete or ineffective features and be demotivating.

We’re always looking to make the right decisions for the long term. However, we don’t believe in planning too far ahead as we’re continuously gathering new context.

After we’ve made significant progress towards our current milestone we will build a clear understanding of what we need to focus on next and why, at the end of each sprint we’ll ask ourselves if we’re likely to achieve the goal of our current milestone in the coming sprint. If so, we’ll also start preparing the context we need to move on to our next focus in the following sprint.

Prioritization framework

  • 🚀 Grow Discoveries: e.g. Will this increase the total number of Discoveries in the short or long term (our metric for people discovering a valuable insight within our product)?
  • 🚧 Unblock Focus Customers: e.g. Is this crucial for our focus customers to be successful? (see Scale features prioritization for more details).
  • 🛡 Protect Trust: e.g. Will this increase or retain trust with our users, can we prevent users from seeing inconsistent or incorrect data?

Additional prioritization frameworks

The prioritization framework above covers mostly how we prioritize high-level milestones, but there's other important things to prioritize too.

  • Framework for prioritizing bugs is found here.
  • Framework for prioritizing Scale features is found here.