Working with Investors

PostHog brings investors on as partners.

There is a lot of value added from investors:

  • Financing so we can build a better and more ambitious product, hence growing faster
  • Strategic or tactical advice
  • Connections to valuable finance partners
  • Connections to valuable potential customers
  • Help with hiring a world-class team

Investor Updates

Investor updates are sent on a monthly basis. This keeps news small and actionable, creates discipline, yet isn't so frequent that much time is spent on reporting.

The format is as follows:


This is to encourage people to be helpful, which is in everyone's interest, and is part of being nice to work with!


We may need help with connections to people or organizations, with hiring, or troubleshooting / rubber-ducking.

Key metrics

Investors have a right to know how we're doing. Putting up regular numbers keeps our team focussed, and makes many problems more obvious so we can tackle them.


We don't want to surprise people, and by raising issues we may have others help us. We will commit to 3 lowlights every month so we have to include something here.


We should surface key opportunities or exciting moments so we can aim to grow fast and to keep people excited.


What we're planning for the next month. This context increases our chances of getting help from investors.


We do not share investor updates publicly. This is because we often need to mention specific clients, legal and finance issues, all of which are in the rare category of being potentially harmful to discuss.