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Make PostHog a hub for product engineers to learn and collaborate

Q4 2023 Goals

  • Goal:

    • Get twice as good at everything we’re already doing.
  • Projects

    • Win half of the W24 batch and double the size of the startups program (Joe)
    • Double the number of newsletter subs again while maintaining 45% open rate (Ian)
    • Every time you search ‘alternative to X’, PostHog appears high up in Google Search (Andy)
    • Deepen our evergreen content for surveys and A/B testing (Lior)
    • Ship new high end merch that people post about online (Lottie)
    • Do billboards so distinctive that people post them online (Lottie)
    • Do a cool influencer campaign with Theo (Ian)
  • Don’t get worse at any of these things

    • Paid ads (Charles)
    • Docs, Tutorials, and Hub (Andy, Ian, Lior)
    • Attribution (Charles)
    • Twitter (company account only - we are dropping James' Twitter in Q4)
  • Rationale:

    • We have built enough confidence to know that the core things we are doing are working. It feels like the right time to push the accelerator.
    • Having (quite reasonably) not spent as much time focusing on SEO this year, it is worth doing a temporary ‘commercial’ push in Q4, especially now that multiple products outside of analytics have reached maturity. We want to stay proactive in hitting our revenue goals - if we fall behind, we may feel pressure to take poor long-term decisions.
    • At the same time, we want to continue to de-risk our reliance on a small number of SEO articles (see recent algo changes) by diversifying across multiple channels. Startups, newsletter and merch are important parts of this.
    • This means treating the content hub as business as usual in terms of posting weekly, but not pushing ideas to make it 10/10 in Q4.
    • Spending more time on SEO means dropping something else - Andy and Charles suggest that this should be James' Twitter.
  • Output metrics we care about

    • New org signups
    • Organic SEO users
    • Newsletter signups
  • Anti-goals

    • TikTok
    • Podcasts
    • Going deep on YouTube
    • Solving support

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The Marketing & Content team exist to drive organic, word-of-mouth growth by: Producing world-class top-of-funnel content for our ICP Ensuring the information users need is easy to find and maintained to a high standard Marketing is the newsroom of PostHog. This means: A small, talented team of in-house content creators with strong editorial capability – our default is to keep writing in-house, not farm it out to a network of freelancers. Building a reputation for high-quality, trustworthy…

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