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We’re here to:

  • Communicate to prospective customers the value we provide
  • Educate customers to deploy, manage and use PostHog very easily


  • Own
  • Own the docs

How we work

The Website & Docs board is used for enhancements to (including handbook) and our docs. Artwork for blog is handled separately, and is explained below.

  1. [Design] Backlog - a mostly stack ranked list of tasks
  2. [Design] In progress
  3. Ready for development - completed designs that are awaiting implementation
  4. [Development] Backlog - mostly stack ranked
  5. [Development] In progress
  6. Done

Designs for website & docs typically start in Balsamiq wireframes, then progress into hi-fi designs in Figma. Read more about this process.

Blog artwork and marketing assets

Because of the volume of content we publish, blog artwork has its own dedicated Artwork project board managed by Lottie.

When authoring a blog post, add the Artwork project board so we can create visuals and make sure the post is listed on our content calendar with a publish date. Learn more about our process.

Providing feedback

When we share a design, we do our best to explain the type of feedback we're looking for. (Ex: Overall visual aesthetic, flow, if a design communicates to our developer-focused audience, etc.)

If a screenshot is posted directly to a Github issue, that's a great place for feedback. (If a comment already covers your feedback, we encourage the use of an emoji response over additional comments like "+1".)

Some of the design tools we use, like Balsamiq and Figma, both have built-in commenting, which is useful for prototypes with multiple pages. If we provide a link to a prototype in one of these tools, please leave a comment using the app's comment system. This helps us review and take action on comments later, and creates a single place for discussion around a particular topic.

Important: We prioritize feedback based on alignment with business goals. Everyone has feedback about design. (If feedback is more of a personal opinion than a business-related perspective, we’ll note it, but don't be offended if your feedback isn't specifically addressed!)

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