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People & culture


Make PostHog the most transparent company in the world, and the best place for people to work. Our goal is to create a world-class remote culture - optimizing for impact, autonomy and personal development.


Our people team works across talent, people operations and culture. This is what we care about:

  • Talent compounds - we have a very high bar for bringing people on board. We are always looking for the best people in their field, or people on their way to become exceptional at their jobs. We optimize for building high-performing teams, while delivering a great experience to everyone involved.
  • Building a diverse and inclusive culture with a strong sense of belonging is at the heart of everything we do. It's so important to us, we built a dedicated handbook page
  • We support our team throughout the entire employee lifecycle - from making an offer, to onboarding and career development, to parental leave and eventually parting ways.
  • We create light-touch initiatives and processes that allow PostHog to act fast (while complying with local legislation) and iterate continuously. These include performance reviews, progression frameworks, compensation reviews and many more.
  • In the people team, we live and breathe our culture and values, and constantly work to make PostHog an even better place to work.


All small teams as well as current, future and past candidates.

Output metrics

  • Primary: 0% undesired churn


People and culture:

  • Quarterly Team engagement survey
  • Turnover rate (voluntary and involuntary)

Q3 2021 data


  • Hiring progress vs. plan: 5%
    • Made 7 offers, 5 accepted (one rejected, one offer retracted)
  • Time to hire: Average is 27 days, down from 34.
  • Hires from under-represented groups: 0 💔


  • Engagement survey:
    • 97% would recommend PostHog as a great place to work 👏
    • Response rate was 80% (down from 87%), which puts us well below the benchmark of 88% 😥
    • Overall, the average score across all questions stayed the same at 89%. I expected the score to be lower as we ran it anonymously as a trial, but it didn’t seem to have impacted the score a lot.
    • We had big improvements around well-being and keeping people informed. However, we’ve also seen a decrease in company confidence and people seeing themselves still at PostHog in 2 years.
    • The number of responses are still relatively small, which means we’ll still see large swings in the numbers each quarter - we’d expect these to stabilise further as we grow.
    • We are currently working on a career progression framework, combined with compensation and management training. We’re aiming to have this work done by the end of the year, which will hopefully increase scores in the new year.
  • Retention rate: 97%

Slack channel

#people - internally public, default for most people discussions #people_ops - internally confidential, for minority of issues, e.g. salaries, candidate offers