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In PostHog, as a company of product-minded engineers, we believe if you're not having a good experience with our product, we're not doing a good job. No matter if it's because we don't have the features you need, or the existing features do not spark enough joy.

Thus, the multifunctional team responsible for the overall quality, feature set and user experience of PostHog's app is not called "Team App", but "Team Core Experience".

Obviously one team can't do all of this alone. PostHog consists of multiple small teams who are specialised in various slices of the app, such as Team Core Analytics (analytic queries at scale), Team Growth (experimentation, activation), and Team Platform (plugins, deployments).

In addition to working on features ourselves, Team Core Experience provides technical alignment to the rest of the organization in matters of product design, user experience, and frontend & API tooling.


See team structure page


Team Core Experience aims to:

  • Implement PostHog's vision of increasing the number of successful products in the world, by building features that will move us closer to said vision.
  • Maintain a coherent strategy for frontend and API development (technologies, tools and methodology).
  • Always be in touch with product leadership and our customers, in order to figure out what works, what doesn't, and what needs to be built next.
  • Actually build those features.
  • Support other teams in PostHog in maintaining a coherently high level of product experience across the board.
  • Push the envelope and give back to the open source community whenever we develop abstractions that could benefit other organizations.


With the work above, we aim to solve the following meta-goals:

  • Part of our vision: It should be unbelievably easy and intuitive for anyone to use PostHog to get answers to questions they have, and even find the answers to questions they had not considered asking.

  • To make our tech worthy of the fanatical following that is emerging around PostHog.

  • Build the next generation of engineers and engineering leaders, who would be running things when we are at 100 developers.

  • Remain a highly flexible team, ready to adapt to changing business requirements.

  • Be part of formalizing "the PostHog way", and writing a book about it.

  • Our tech stack is rather unique, though pretty powerful. We are also in a really powerful position to drive change in the industry (data-first frontend, anyone?). Let's capitalise on that.

  • Zero TypeScript errors, code covered by logic tests, all scenes in Storybook, etc.

  • To do a damn good job at all of the above.

In short, if you want a crash course at how to build large and complex webapps, at scale, while retaining a maintainable codebase and high customer satisfaction, and touch every part of the stack, this is the team to work with.


List below is prioritized.

  1. Reaching parity in terms of features, performance and user experience with leading product analytics solutions, including:
    1. Extending core feature set (particularly on the frontend) as informed by dogfooding, user feedback, experimentation and strategic decisions.
    2. Extending user experience to enable product analytics for non-technical users.
  2. Maintaining (and improving where applicable) supporting activities for the core experience (this includes: cohorts, persons, sessions [not session recording], annotations, settings, authentication, account management).


Our current focus is making Product Managers at scale-ups successful. We'll still strive to maintain success with technical users.

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