Marcus Hyett's README

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Goals (Q4 2021)


  • Build and align the organization on Q4 and longer-term strategies for:
    • Data Integrity
    • Deployment & Maintenance
    • Performance
  • Build and align the organization on a product strategy to maximize revenue growth without trading off the quality or value of the product
  • Build and align the organization on a high level product strategy of themes and goals for Q1 2022
  • Support Paolo: Building a clear high level strategy for core product in Q4


  • Deliver measurable (measurement defined by strategy) improvements in:
    • Data Integrity
    • Deployment & Maintenance
    • Performance
  • Support Paolo: Deliver meaningful improvements to our core product that increase “Discoveries”, for example:
    • Diagnosing Causes
    • Collaboration
    • Experimentation


  • Travel to Australia to visit Family and Friends (without getting locked down..under )
  • Fit a fireplace into my new house

Feedback actions

Based on feedback from the company feedback sessions during our most recent offsite, these are the main areas I'm going to focus on improving

  • Feedback: Be more concise & keep going into a lot of detail
    • Action: Provide TL;DRs when I write something long so most people can get the detail at a glance and those who want to know all the nitty gritty details can read on
  • Feedback: Increase transparency (e.g. don't create a doc you share with a few people first)
    • Action: Create request for comments PRs in appropriate repo over using docs - always bias for public / open repos when possible
  • Feedback: Get clearer about what we're not doing
    • Action: Create an anti-strategy (e.g. what we're not doing and why, along with a deprecation strategy - for what we are doing and should stop) and align the company om this
  • Feedback: Give more feedback and structure to help others grow
    • Action: Work with Ops to create a clear progression framework, invest in preparing feedback for growth to share in 1:1s
  • Feedback: Help others understand how they can help me (be less unpredictable / freeform when you need help) (e.g. what motivates me)
    • Action: I will set clearer expectations ahead of time when I'm likely to need help and I will update this readme with my goals for Q4 and my overall motivations in the next two weeks

Goals (6 weeks until 6 Aug 2021)

  • Strategy

    • Build a strong case for our next strategic milestone for after we have “Nailed funnels”
      • e.g. should we invest in integrations with data warehouses, trends, heat-maps or something else next? What is the next big “wave” and how do we catch it?
    • Define and chart a set of core metrics for our product to enable us to drive product growth
      • E.g. What does our core funnel look like? What’s our 7 friends in 10 days?
  • Execution

    • Achieve the ambitious goal of “Nailing funnels to get 5 reference customers in our focus segment”
      • Supporting the team to breakdown down complex user problems into solvable units
      • Working closely James and (Ref Goals) with prospects / customers to ensure they’re getting the most out of our product improvements
      • Writing / publishing articles on the value of funnels and growth product management for our target audience
    • Nothing else
      • Don’t get distracted


    • Hike the “Ring of Steaal” (in Scotland) - 1700m ascent, in one day via the non-death route
    • Overcome all of the complications and admin of buying our first house