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This guide should help you understand my brain and how it works.


I am (painfully) English, to the point where I would love to have some culture and traditions other than crumpets, tea and my deep love of Marmite. I was born in London and grew up in Surrey (AKA the South East of the UK).

I am a part of the Marketing team, specialising in branding, AKA sparking joy and hedgehogs. Basically, I take all the character of our company and the team and push it into the visuals. PostHog is my first official 'job' job, but during my time at university I created my own bespoke t-shirt painting business and worked as a brand designer for three Oxford Balls.

I love good conversation, anything honey roasted and bright blue skies. I love to create things, and usually always have a small side project running at all times, such as making my own jewellery, painting flower pots or hand making thank you cards. I'm convinced I have no left brain, just one massive right one.

Areas of responsibility

  • Branding
  • Anything to do with hedgehog mascots - I'm all over it.
  • Custom blog artwork
  • Some marketing projects
  • Sometimes I get involved with layouts
  • Team images and occasionally organising team bios
  • Merchandise
  • Basically anything that requires artwork I'm ya (wo)man


  • I always try to make others feel as comfortable as possible.

  • Sometimes I listen to a song over and over because it sounds so darn good.

  • I love a good bit of control in all areas of my life, which obviously includes work. This means I like to know what people want of me, and not knowing what people expect from me makes me anxious and fidgety (the worst kind of Lottie). This also means I will message you if I need to know something even if it seems silly or small.

  • While surprises are fun for some, they aren't for me. Please give me heads up on upcoming projects that will need my attention.

  • For some reason I always think I am in trouble - so please start emails or messages with the subject of the message so I can stop worrying.

  • I am unashamedly open and will tell you if I'm stressed, sad, happy or confused - and even embarrassing stories if you are lucky.

  • I am not a perfectionist, but if something doesn't feel right I won't drop it until I am happy with the outcome. Sometimes this is jarring for some as I won't stop stirring the pot, but I trust my gut instinct, and my gut has a good track record.

  • I love a good goofy joke so please indulge me with your good humour and charm - it really brightens my day.

  • I, similarly to a golden retriever, think that everyone is great - no need to win me over.

  • I catergorically love my personal time, as should everyone else, so I don't reply before 9am, after 6:30pm and never on weekends.

What I value

  • Kindness + empathy
  • A sense of humour
  • A great conversation - I don't know how to small talk, only big talk.
  • Humility
  • Being bold and brave
  • Being shamelessly yourself
  • Honesty - I love feedback and would prefer people tell me things instead of beating round the bush.
  • Inclusivity

How I can help you

  • I can draw a hedgehog doing literally anything.
  • I am actually full of ideas - some good some bad but can help brainstorming as I have a different perspective than your normal tech start-up nut.
  • I'm a very good listener and can empathise easily - maybe this is not totally work related but I see the people I work with as friends as well as colleagues.
  • I can help you with designing layouts.
  • I have an artistic eye for things so please use my eyeballs for things inside and outside of work.

How you can help me

  • Tell me what I am doing wrong, or right. Any feedback is welcomed!
  • Tell me what you want from me, because sometimes I can't gauge this easily.
  • Let me know if I am going in the wrong direction or have misunderstood as soon as possible. I hate to waste other peoples and my own time.
  • Give me deadlines for everything - like I mentioned earlier I love control and therefore I try to organise every task of my day, week and month.


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