PostHog is proud to be an international group of misfits. You can't disrupt an industry by thinking the same way as everyone else.

How diversity helps us

Having a great breadth of talented team members who think differently because of their different life stories, backgrounds, countries and levels of experience helps us better understand how to make sure there are more successful products in the world.

There are tens of millions of people working in software development globally, and greater diversity means a greater understanding of our users.

Diversity as a tactic

We don't explicitly set a target for diversity as a company objective or value. Instead, we view diversity as a tactic like paying people towards the top of market, or communicating company goals to set context for our team. Like both of those things, diversity will lead to great performance.

We view increased inclusion into tech as a wonderful ethical benefit of our policies, but it's not the fundamental reason for encouraging diversity at PostHog. Underrepresented great talent is particularly great talent, that any business should want.

An inclusive place to work

We are always keen to find ways to make the culture at PostHog as inclusive as possible. We are by no means perfect, as with any company, but it's a recurring discussion topic that the team work on improving over time.

We don't just state that we care - these are some of the things we've implemented so far:

  • All remote - so we can hire people from any country in the world. We have people in ~10 countries, with no office.
  • Asynchronous and transparent communication - so people can get the context they need to work effectively across multiple timezones.
  • Unlimited vacation policy with mandatory minimum time off - so you can fit work around your life.
  • Very generous parental leave - so those raising families can do so while still working for us.
  • Top of market pay - to reduce financial stress that often comes with working for startups, or prevents many from even applying.
  • Proactive recruitment to encourage underrepresented groups of people to apply - so we are meeting with a balanced group of applicants for every role.
  • Anyone can contribute to our handbook - so if we miss something, others can ask for a change in our policy!
  • Paid SuperDay as part of the hiring process - to allow you to see what it's really like working on the team, before starting.
  • Training budget for those in roles where we don't have lots of existing experience as a company.
  • Life story Fridays (when we have a new team member, we'll ask them to present their life story for an hour on a Friday) - so you have more context on the points of views of others in the team.
  • Sponsored visas for those who need them.
  • Health insurance for those from countries that do not provide this freely.

Are you a potential candidate reading this? Let us know how we can do a better job!

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