PostHog tracks user behaviour, whether or not the User is logged in and identifiable.

A short video on Users can be found here:

Viewing user list

Go to the ‘Users’ list in the left hand navigation:

Left hand navigation - user list

You will see a list of users, something like this:

User list

The first user has had no identifying information pushed to their profile in PostHog. That is why a string appears.

The second user has had their email address passed to PostHog.

User history

Clicking on an individual user brings up their entire event history:

User history

You can go even deeper by inspecting each event individually. Click on the event to bring up the event properties. This shows you the following information:

Event properties within user history

Deleting User Data

You can also delete data on a user, this can be done if you have created data by yourself by testing or if a user asks you to do so.

When in the user history you can select 'Delete all data on this person' this will delete all information on that user permanently.

Delete user data