Below you will find a comprehensive list of all the features that comprise the PostHog core. As stated in our pricing page page, we are committed to our open source community and as such, all base analytics features are available on all plans.

Analysis features

Feature Status Cloud Self-managed
Cohort analysis Live
Session analysis Live
Path analysis Live
Trends Live
UTM segmentation Live

Visualisation features

Feature Status Cloud Self-managed
Action history Live
Custom dashboards Live
User tracking & history Live

Optimisation features

Feature Status Cloud Self-managed
Feature flags Live
Conversion rate optimisation Live
A/B Testing On the roadmap

Tracking features

Feature Status Cloud Self-managed
Autocapture event tracking Live
Push-based event tracking Live
Real-time event history Live


All our integrations work with either the cloud or the self-managed options.

Feature Status Client Server
JS client Live
Android client Live
iOS client Live
React Native client Live
Flutter client Live
Python integration Live
Ruby integration Live
Node integration Live
Go integration Live
PHP integration Live
Full REST API Live

Additional features

Feature Status Cloud Self-managed
Privacy friendly Live
Ad-blocker friendly Live
Team management In development
CSV export In development
User roles On the roadmap
Custom databases (e.g. Snowflake / ClickHouse) On the roadmap

Features Demo Video

For video notes marking when each feature is showcased, watch the video on YouTube.