PostHog Cloud

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PostHog Cloud is our hosted and managed version of the PostHog open-source platform. It always runs on the latest release with updates and migrations managed for you.

Getting started

With PostHog Cloud there is no deployment required. So, the steps we recommend to get started are:

  1. Sign up for a free PostHog Cloud account.
  2. Begin integrating PostHog into your applications.
  3. Once integrated you'll see events coming into PostHog from your app. Also see our complete guide to event tracking.
  4. With events and actions defined you're in a great place to define your first funnel.

Once you've defined your first funnel, you're in a great position to start exploring the rest of PostHog.

Next steps

  • The user guides cover using the PostHog application to gain insights into how end-users use your applications and more.
  • Get involved with the PostHog community on Slack and GitHub.
  • Deploying a reverse proxy to PostHog Cloud provides details on setting up a reverse proxy for situations where you want to use PostHog Cloud but still want tracking data to be sent first to your domain.

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